About Our Church

Tigard Foursquare Church was founded over 30 years ago to service and support the community of Tigard



Youth Ministry

Vision Statement
We envision youth seeing Christ as the answer, getting an opportunity to know Him better through worship, small groups, and activities.  Youth are to love God and each other as Christ has loved us, and to impact those around them with His love.
Mission Statement
Our mission is to reach out to the youth providing a place of fellowship and growth where we can connect with God, with each other, and the community.
Youth Group Values
1) Love God and other people with our entire being - Matthew 22:37-40
2) Have a deeper relationship with God through reading Scripture and prayer - Acts 2:42
3) Strengthen your Faith - Hebrews 11:1-40
4) Show compassion like Christ - Matthew 9:36
5) Witness and evangelism - Matthew 28:19-20
6) Don’t pursue temporary pleasures - Hebrews 12:1-2
7) Live life to the fullest, with the joy that God provides - John 16:24

Get to know our Youth Pastor Jim Striplin on our Staff Member page.

Youth 4th to 12th grades
Kids K to 3rd grades
Nursery available connected to sanctuary